Upcoming Workshops

  • Date: November 20-22
  • Event: Co-Taught Workshop with Suzanne Kingsbury
  • Location: Gray Bear Lodge, Hohenwald, TN

Past Workshops

  • Date: February 8
  • Location: Kennesaw State University

The Nashville Writing and Performance Institute announces a Pop-Up Writing Workshop with Nashville’s own Minton Sparks.

Burn Through Your Story: Come set your story on fire. Stay tuned for upcoming workshop events.


Every one of us has a story about who we are. Some are wildly inspiring; other times, they are the very things that hold us back. Minton believes that tremendous value lies in locating yourself within a particular time and place in history. After all, many wonderful artistic pursuits are born out of autobiographies. This workshop offers you an opportunity to better discover who you are through exploring and listening deeply to your own story.

During this 3-hour writing and performance workshop, you will focus on the questions “Where are you from?” and “How does where you are from inform the definition of who you are?” while writing your own stories, exploring your family tree, studying storytelling techniques and learning from Minton’s own work and experience. Minton will then guide you through using your stories to create various poems, pictures, and performances.

No writing or performance experience necessary.

“Minton will dare you. Because she knows you can and because she wants you to shine. Because of Minton, I’ve rediscovered the theatrical part of myself I’d set aside for no other reason than because adults don’t act like that. She saw an abandoned side of me, pointed at her, said, ‘Honey, come on up here.’ If you let her, Minton will resurrect you.” – Regina

“Minton leans into everything she does with humor and humility, a rare treat to find in a teacher. She is talented beyond the stratosphere and helped me to see how I was too. You can’t walk away from her classes without feeling that anything is possible through the means of writing and telling a story.” – Jodi

“Being in one of Minton’s classes or workshops is an opportunity not to be missed. Her talent is endless but her warmth and humor and insight – her ability to draw the best from you – is a rare talent.” – Dulcie

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