For web design inquiries and workshop requests:

Rachel Garrett is a high school teacher living in Jackson, WY. When not teaching students or playing in the mountains, she is helping Minton in anyway she can! Email for questions.

For live bookings and membership inquiries:

Becca Finley is the founder of Connections Media. While living in Nashville, TN, she is active in marketing, development, program coordination, management, and supervision for numerous artistic endeavors, ranging from television and theater to live music. Email for questions.

For membership and album artwork inquiries:

Mimi Middlebrooks is an artist working in varying mediums and outdoor enthusiast living in Boulder, CO. You can find her work and contact at

For photo inquiries:

Jonas Hill is an artist working mostly in the form of ink drawing and storytelling through photo and video work. He resides in Boulder, CO. where the mountains are his inspiration. You can find his work and contact at